The Ellsworth Mountains Project

At 80°S, the Ellsworth Mountains lie at  the center of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (the WAIS), the only marine based ice sheet on the planet. Due to its remoteness from previously established government research bases, ALE have played a significant role in providing infrastructure and logistical support to a number of high profile international science projects. Thanks to the on-going support by ALE, Chris Fogwill and Chris Turney at the University of New South Wales are leading on an ARC-funded Linkage Project called:


Integrating Past Ice Sheet Dynamics with Palaeoclimate: Developing New Insights into the Sensitivity of Antarctica in the Weddell Sea Sector (LP120200724)


In this project there are four major areas of research:

1. Ice sheet reconstruction

2. Ice and snow core climate records

3. Ice sheet modelling

4. Climate modelling


The overarching aim of this project is to apply novel and innovative palaeoclimate reconstruction techniques to quantify and understand the past and present behaviour of the Weddell Sea region of Antarctica. This will be achieved through analysis of new high-resolution ice core records that have been identified in the Ellsworth Mountains.